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The only viable alternative to EPS trays. Protect the environment, while saving 30% on production cost and 90% on storage & transportation, using a fully recyclable tray.

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The new tray for stone wool plugs based on the Double Tray Invention, the DTS Plug-In tray on the 60X40 cm footprint is designed for holding 240 stone wool…

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Our extensive knowledge and experience on the production of cultivation troughs and gutters, together with the UV protection and special additives,…

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A full range of pots in size and colour, containers and carrying trays made out of high quality and very carefully checked recycled material and fully recyclable

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24Aug, 2021

Ina Plastics SA at GreenTech Americas Exhibition 2021-Querétaro, México

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Join us on the first edition of GreenTech Americas from 24th to 26th of August 2021, taking place in Querétaro, México. Very glad to participate again in an exhibition since the pandemic has started and especially in such an event/meeting point, where horticulture experts from all around the world are involved. Come and visit us [...]

1Jan, 2021

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Thank you for all your trust and support during 2020! We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!! We look forward to an amazing 2021!!! #inaplastics #athensgreece #plasticsindustry #propagationtrays #plasticpots #hydroponics #agriculture #recycledmaterials #ecofriendlyproducts #sustainability #recycle #innovation

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