INA PLASTICS produces exclusively for the agricultural sector for more than 30 years

Our History

INA PLASTICS is a manufacturing company of plastic products for the greenhouse industry. Starting back in 1984 the company invested in plastics recycling and quickly turned to the production of thermoformed pots. Throughout the next decade, our increasing experience in the engineering of recycled plastics led to the development of innovative thermoforming methods. A strong R&D division was formed and the company started exporting to Europe, the US and other important markets.

Next big step for the company was to invest in the horticultural sector. The range of products was enriched with propagation trays for young plants and hydroponic products such as drainage gutters and cultivation troughs. Every step of the way, the development of new products was strongly linked to our communication with the market. Feedback from our customers was key to our gradually increasing market share and the birth of a new concept.

In 2010 the Double Tray System was born. The DTS revolutionized the propagation of young plants, producing strong and healthy seedlings for many nurseries around the world. As exports grew, entities of the company were set up in key locations. Currently operations are controlled from the factory and head office in Athens, Greece. The company in Mexico, Ina Insumos Agricolas deals with the central and Latin-American markets while also providing support to the US market. Ina Plastics Serbia deals mainly with the eastern European markets.

Despite the challenges we faced through the years, much experience was gained and the company achieved steady but rapid growth. A lot has changed since the beginning. What remains the same, is our philosophy: Focus on our People, Commitment to our Customers and Service the market in the best way possible.


We use thermoforming machines with cutting, punching and steel-rule cutting stations.

Our storage area is equipped with a Drive-in Pallet racking system with the ability to store more than 1.200 pallets of trays and pots. This means about 1 million DTS trays and 1.5 million pots of various sizes and colors at the service of the company’s customers.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to move forward through innovation.

Our approach is socially and environmentally responsible. Only that way we offer top quality products and services to our customers.

Our vision is to design and manufacture cost effective products, replacing methods that are harmful for the environment.

“Helping the agricultural sector become environmentally responsible”

International presence

Exporting to more than 20 countries including SOUTH AFRICA, USA, MEXICO, SERBIA, BULGARIA, SPAIN, POLAND, TURKEY

 “At the Service of the Growers all over the World”

Sustainability & Environment Protection

We managed to have almost zero carbon foot print. We only recycled raw materials in our production.

Waste material and cut offs are collected and recycled in-house.

Electricity is the only source we use for our production and soon this energy will come from renewable solar sources.

“We use zero natural resources and create zero emissions.”

When our products complete their life-cycle, recycling companies collect them in order to be regenerated and become useful raw material.

“This is how we ensure sustainability.”

Quality Assurance

Quality control starts from the evaluation of incoming recycled raw materials. Material has to be carefully checked before entering production stage.

This is a time and cost – consuming process, however the benefit for the environment and our customers is tremendous.

Our process

  • During production, quality checks are made on every stage of production.

  • Every single item is visually checked and randomly pieces taken of the production are controlled for their weight to make sure that they are within the limits set up by the company.

  • Lab checks are carried out internally and by external laboratories for the quality of the produced PS and PP products in order to ensure our quality standards.

“Quality assurance is our daily goal”