Hydroponic Systems

Troughs and Gutters for cultivation – Tailor made solutions matching customer’s needs

Cultivation Troughs

INA PLASTICS SA manufactures cultivation troughs suitable for loose substrate cultivations of any kind (perlite, agro-lava, pumice, coir, peat mix etc).

They are used instead of grow bags. INA’s troughs are produced in various sizes and thickness levels depending on the customer’s needs, using our enhanced UV stabilized polypropylene sheet.

  • They may have drain holes at the bottom, on the sides for water drainage or no holes at all.

  • A special connecting support kit holds the side wall on place and overcomes media weight and root pressure maintaining their U – shape.

Drainage Gutter

INA PLASTICS SA also produces hydroponic gutters made of polypropylene sheet that can accommodate all kinds of grow bag cultivation (stonewool, perlite, coco etc.) as well as hydroponic pot cultivation.

Designed to collect water and nutrients (that afterwords get recycled), keeping high quality standards and thus extended longevity. A unique advantage of the INA’s gutter is coming from the way it is designed and produced.

It is kept in U – shape as it is produced folded in rolls and is manufactured tailor made to the need of each customer, according to the size of the grow bag used for the hydroponic cultivation.


At INA PLASTICS, we produce two types of spacers. In particular, grow bag spacer 60x20x6 cm and trough spacer 67x33x5 cm.  Designed to withstand the weight of grown plants in grow bags or troughs and to offer ideal aeration and drainage of the plant. Weight is distributed equally and thanks to its geometry, drain water flows perfectly through the channels towards the sides of the gutter or trough. Both are light weight, economical and yet very strong.