Floating Double Tray System for Tobacco in the Balkans

• DTS verified its floating characteristics

• Premature growth vs. the traditional tray

• The roots were not damaged in any case

• Easy extraction of the plants from the tray

• Quicker, simpler and more effective disinfection procedure for the tray to be reused

• Fully recyclable after use

Tobacco Seedling Project in Nayarit, Mexico

Hydroponic Tomato Project in Colima, Mexico

Growing with a mix of coco and chips
White color of trough was used to keep cooler temperature

  • Need of water is reduced up to 90% compared to conventional

  • More economical, eco-friendly cultivation

  • Hydroponic system can be installed in any horizontal location

  • No need for fertile ground

  • More plants per square meter, thus higher yields achieved

  • Root system is easily monitored and controlled

  • Use of chemicals is reduced significantly

Double Tray System on Rails (Europe and Mexico)

  • High survival rate of the plants

  • Strong, healthy root system

  • Higher yields achieved

  • Easy extraction of the plants from the cells of the tray

  • No residues left in the seedling

  • Root does not get stuck inside the cell

  • Material does not get shuttered

  • High reusability

  • Made from recycled material

  • Recyclable after use

  • Easy and cost effective disinfection

  • Cost effective logistics

Double Tray System 240 Cells Plug-in Tray

  • Based on the Double Tray Invention

  • DTS Plug-in Tray on the 60X40 cm footprint

  • Designed for 240 foam or stone wool plugs of 22×27 mm

  • Ideal air pruning and is compatible with finger picking robotic transpanters

  • It is compatible with advanced automatic production lines and offers all the benefits of the Double Tray System