Preserve the Planet – Ensure Sustainability

Planet cannot wait!

INA PLASTICS’ Recycling Program & Operations

At INA PLASTICS, we apply our 35-year experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of plastics recycling and we manage to produce exclusively using recycled materials. This ensures a real closed material loop for all our products.

Using raw materials coming from recycled products is way more difficult than using virgin materials, which behave predictively due to their standard chemical properties. It was only after extensive research and practice that our methods and raw material recipes were perfected.

Process control protocols are very strict, this is mainly the reason why we manage to keep high-quality levels stable. Through that process we manage to control every batch of incoming recycled material carefully and modify to required mechanical and chemical properties.

Worldwide new regulation supporting eco approach is being introduced, which is very critical for the environment. At Ina Plastics this is respected to the fullest.

Not only our production is based on recycled materials but also through our process it is guaranteed that the final product is 100% recyclable.

In order to ensure the above we focus on 3 factors:

  • Materials we use.

  • Social responsibility of the growers.

  • An efficient system for collection and recycling of used products per area.

Producers of young plants in the nursery and afterwards growers in the field should handle trays in a way that environment is not affected. To support this cause, we recommend ways of handling to our customers and we give them incentives to collect and recycle throughout the whole procedure from production to end use.

In the markets that we’re active, there are designated recycling companies available to collect used products.

At Ina Plastics, we believe that all this effort is rewarding knowing that:

  • we contribute to the protection of the environment,

  • we ensure sustainability of our planet by using zero natural resources and

  • we help agriculture become environmentally responsible.